Dealing with Slow Network Speeds, OR My Stream has Become a Trickle!

Most Home Theater setups these days will include one or more methods for playing "Streamed" content.  For example, playing movies from Netflix, or music from Spotify.  Or even for playing your own media files -- streamed over your house network from a Network Accessible Storage (NAS) device or home computer.  The convenience of such streaming services can quickly turn into exasperation, however, if you discover your network speeds are not up to the task!  Playback may revert to lower quality, or may stall altogether as your system repeatedly tries to "re-buffer" enough content to continue going.

In this post we'll discuss practical troubleshooting steps when somebody shuts off the tap, and your streaming turns into a trickle!

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The Great Connector Conspiracy! OR, Why Won't My Cables Carry Some Audio / Video Formats?

One of the enduring mysteries of Home Theater is how to connect your gear together so that the audio and video you WANT to pass between devices will actually get there!  It sometimes seems like every path is strewn with potholes.

Restrictions can be technical, historical, and even legal (content licensing prohibitions).  In this post, I'll attempt to demystify the most common restrictions.

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