If you are an individual who finds the rapid evolution of all this home theater stuff altogether too daunting then we should talk.

I have helped many folks just like you get true enjoyment out of their home theater systems.  What's different about my approach is I don't just come to your house, do the setup, and leave -- leaving you just as confused as when we started!  Instead, I work with you, one-on-one, to TEACH you to do this stuff YOURSELF.  Guiding you each step of the way so that you understand what's going on, and are able to apply these principles again and again, over time, as you make changes on your own, to your home theater equipment, room, or listening/viewing preferences.

Typically this is done by a series of phone calls and email exchanges on a schedule that suits you.  I bill at an hourly rate, with an initial minimum commitment paid up front, and any time beyond that Invoiced as necessary.  Payment can be by several means, including personal check, PayPal, Zelle, and ApplePay Cash.

The benefit of this approach is that we can cover the ground YOU want to cover, in as much or as little detail as you find useful.  And all discussion is focussed on how YOU want to use your Home Theater.  Typical topics for training and discussion might include:

  • Connecting your gear for maximum flexibility and minimal problems
  • Upgrading your gear
  • Best practice Settings for all your gear -- to utilize all of it to the fullest
  • Operation problem solving (individual devices or multi-device control)
  • Audio calibration you can do yourself
  • Video calibration you can do yourself
  • Tools you should have handy for calibration and system checkout
  • How to verify your home theater system is working at its best

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